26 June 2008


Hey Everyone,
I'm writing to announce the birth of Wyatt Laurence Luce. He was born
Saturday, June 21, at 9:17am after a quick (and intense) 6-hour labor.
He weighed in at 7lb9oz. We're all quite taken by the little fellow.
Levi and Avery were in love at first sight. Levi said, "I love
Wyatt!...Hug Wyatt?...Hit Wyatt?" Just like that, in that order. We're
working on boundaries with big bro. Both Levi and Avery are really
sweet and gentle with him and want to be around him all the time.
We've caught the two of them reading books to him through the crib
while he's sleeping. This is our third time going through this, but
it's new every time. We're loving the whole experience and we're
trying to sleep when we can. Thanks for all your support.
Jeff, Denise, Levi, Avery, & Wyatt