12 September 2008

An Internet Miracle

I'm three months into a pretty wild job and I'm struggling a lot with stress. You know, awake at 4am, not going back to sleep, regular migraines, etc. Music is one of the things that centers me, but I don't have any cash for new music right now and I'm too legalistic and paranoid to download illegally. Luckily, an internet miracle has happened. Pandora Radio is a free service that is pulling me out of my crazy stress. Basically you pick an artist you like and they craft an entire radio station around that sound and style. I've been listening to my Beck station for a couple days...it's awesome. Thanks internet.


Reginald said...

Ah, yes, life in the no sleep, or at least not enough sleep, zone. I am having crazy stupid insomnia as well, waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.

Probably becasue I am not getting enough skiing in now that school is started and I have no boat driver during the day, and I have all my teaching and rehearsal time in the afternoon and evening.

Half an hour of intense exercise every AM,that's what we need. Done in cold water.

Uncle Reg

Margaret said...

I love Pandora...it's also a lifesaver of mine as well.

Yay God.