30 January 2009

The Way I Joke

While in grad school, I heard the following in a multicultural issues-related class:

There was a talking Barbie that was released to be enjoyed by girls round the world. One of the phrases she said was "Math is hard, let's go shopping." Wow. We were all appalled at the stereotyping and flat out invalidity of the assumption (btw the smartest math person I know is my genius-level wife).

BUT, the phrase, "Math is hard," spoken in a whiny, annoying voice is HILARIOUS! No joke. Do it right now. Comedy gold. So, here's how I "joke." I take a hilarious phrase like this and begin saying it at random times and in response to real inquiries. "Did you finish that paper?" I was asked. "Math is hard," was my response. You get the idea. I tend to completely ignore the line that separates funny from I want to kill you. So that's how I joke.

Lately: I've been responding to questions with a fine tuned techno beat that emanates from my soul. I've resurrected "exqueeze me, baking powder?" from the depths of Wayne's World and say it to people who have absolutely no idea what Wayne's World was/is.

FYI, I realize that "the way I joke" is annoying. That's part of my mystique. It's part of my magic. Or maybe I just think being annoying is the ultimate form of comedy.

UPDATE: I have spent approximately 12 minutes of my life trying to figure out how to spell the sound of a techno beat. No luck yet.


Denise said...

If you hadn't given me the great shout out at the beginning, I'd probably have quite a bit to say about this entry. Instead I'll just say, at least you're aware.

Alyson said...

Being privileged enough to hear the techno beat on a near daily basis I would say the spelling includes a lot of n's and h's.

Jamie said...

Funny. If I hadn't grown up with your humor, I'd probably want to strangle you. Levi's destined for the same type of humor I'm afraid...