17 March 2009

My Beloved Corn

It's almost time to start gardening. My little garden is really the only thing connecting me to the idea of seasons. I hadn't done anything in my garden until last week when my son and I emptied the wondrous compost out of our bin and spread it on our plot. I love my garden, spring, new growth. Here's a random gardening story:

Two years ago I thought it would be funny/interesting to plant corn in my front yard. I tilled a 20 foot path and planted two rows of corn. Yes, I was that crazy corn-in-front-yard guy. My wife was not overly thrilled, but was cool. My neighbors were not happy one bit. On at least three occasions, I saw them standing near my beloved corn, pointing and scowling. I wanted to go out and hug each one of those precious little corn plants and say, "It's OK, people don't know where food comes from, but I do...and I love you." The minor scandal my corn-in-front-yard caused is still a mystery to me.

Four corn-related facts:
  1. Corn must be planted in at least three rows so that it can be properly pollinated.
  2. Corn, a grass plant, requires full sun (it did not do well in my partially shaded front yard).
  3. Corn is scandalous in suburban Atlanta.
  4. King Corn is a great documentary about industrial corn farming, community, and "progress."


margaret said...

I still randomly read your blog and you (still) make me laugh!!

Uncle Reg said...

You are DEFINITELY related to your maternal grandfather!

Jeff Luce said...

I often think of Grandpa and his ridiculously large garden. He definitely gave me something to strive for. Now I just gotta check if raising rare and exotic cattle is cool with the city of Roswell.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of planting my whole front yard with corn this spring. I just googled "corn in front yard" and you came up. I won't make a single comment to anyone about what I've done. It's pure spite towards all the darn hippies that live next to me and those that have stolen two of my American flags. God bless.