07 May 2009

Goodbye Tree

I expanded my garden this year by cutting down a Leyland Cypress. Cutting down a thirty foot tree with a chainsaw is manly...in case you were wondering.


Derandk said...

Did the neighbors complain of deforestation? Or is it ok in urban/suburban environments? I wonder if localized food movements and urban gardening can debunk one of Wendell Berry's proposals that large urban areas will never be sustainable due to the lack of adequate rural land surrounding them.

Jeff Luce said...

Neighbors were cool. I've got HUGE trees on my property. While this one was large, it was more of a screen/shrub. Leyland's grow extremely fast. I am encouraged by the movement toward a more locally sustainable food culture. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; Michael Pollan's work, and the influx of great farmer's markets are all signs of progress. Roswell has a great, and stringent Farmer's Market every Saturday as do a lot of suburban and urban communities in Roswell. God Bless!