09 August 2009

A Thought on Eternal Destiny

From the Christian perspective, you've got three choices (simplified).
  • Exclusivism: You must say the name of Jesus in this specific way in order to be saved.
  • Inclusivism: God knows the hearts of everyone living and dead and will be the final judge.
  • Universalism: God will save everyone.
I realized today that both Exclusivism and Universalism are really two sides of the same coin. They both purport certainty about something that cannot be truly known. They're both ultimately judgemental. Inclusivism isn't really even in the middle of these two; it's a whole different game (yes, this is where I fall on this issue). Also, it's kind of funny to think of a fundamentalist right-winger and a loosy-goosy left-winger as one and the same.

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