25 November 2008

Hypothesizin': Political Discussionz

I'm full of questions, so I'm starting a series of posts with the hip title Hypothesizin' (g's are for the tragically unhip).

The Question: Why is it nearly impossible to have a political discussion with someone you disagree with?

1. Most people lack an identity deeper than their political identity/ideology.
2. People are scared that other people will find out that they don't know anything about politics.
3. Yelling is easy. Talking is hard.
4. All of our "pop-political voices" do nothing but yell (Hannity, Mahar, etc.) so we think that's what we're supposed to do.

My friend Charles was the inspiration for post. He's like the wind beneath my wings.


CharlesP said...

I think it's probably a combination of those things, plus a few others. One is that it's safe to yell about politics, much like it's 'safe' to rant and rave about religious subjects... people who agree with you will appreciate your veracity, and people who disagree with you are both unlikely to change their mind, and obviously subhuman for their inability to grasp the genius of your argument.

Margaret said...

Jeff---Didn't we get into political discussions? I didn't YELL AT YOU!!! Haha, get it? :) Hope you're doing well...I really miss working with you!!

Emily said...

I submit that it is because of how much ignorance reigns.