13 November 2008

a miracle on ice, the creme de la creme, magical

Real conversation from the voting line:

Oldish Guy: So, what do you do for a living?
Young, Slick Guy: Funny you should ask...I buy life insurance policies from people at the end of their lives. I purchase enough of them, like 100, and then sell them to a hedge fund. We call them "lots of lives" in the biz.
OG: Uh....
YSG: The price we pay people for their policies is dependent on their current health and/or their prospective health.
OG: Uh....
YSG: You know, so if someone's really close to dying, they may be able to get more money than if they think they're gonna live longer.
OG: Uh....
YSG: [pause, pause...wait for it] So how's your health?

It was at this point that I tuned out and began thinking. This guy is my hero. Anyone who can be that out of touch with the human condition is a miracle on ice, the creme de la creme, magical. The only thing I made up was "in the biz." I just think that's a funny thing to say.

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Emily said...

that was hilarious. thanks for sharing the laugh.