22 December 2008

Say Yes

Say YES. It gets you unstuck. It opens the door to experiences you would not have had. It makes life interesting. Sometimes the best stuff to say yes to is the most random. I once asked my friend Justice to go with me to sing happy birthday to a friend of ours at 6am . We sprayed silly string all over him when he staggered to the door. Justice said yes. My son asked me to play playdough this morning. I said yes. We developed a story about bears that became strange and crazy by the end. Ask people to say yes. Say yes.

(I realize there is a new movie with Jim Carey, The Yes Man. A reference to it would feel corny. Woops, I just referenced it.)


Anonymous said...

Good word. A friend once told me to pursue a Doctoral Degree when I was wavering.... I'm a few weeks away from cap, gown and done and mighty glad. The years go by and so many no's and no's and no's and pretty soon you are dead ... and you aren't even dead yet.

Jeff Luce said...

Happy for you Alex!