26 May 2010

5 Observations/Thoughts about Ironman 2

  1. It was really entertaining. Robert Downey, Jr. is a great, charismatic actor.
  2. It's amazing to see how far the special effects technology has come in the past 10-15 years.
  3. Movies disseminate the mythology of our culture and world.
  4. Ironman 2 is mythology.
  5. The myth of unlimited progress is the overarching theme of this movie. The movie would have us believe that science will always stay ahead of the curve. By the time the bad guys have scary technology, the good guys' technology will be superior and we (ahem...we are the good guys) will be able to kick the bad guys' butts. Science will be able to solve the problems that science created. Eat popcorn, drink Coca-Cola, fear not!


Jason Campbell said...


myth of america is science fiction ... has been since Jefferson. We are built on a sort of loose science fiction of enlightenment ... the power of the human brain. Harold Bloom said that America has never had Christianity as its national religion ... it has always been founded on Gnosticism (power through secret knowledge ... with mind heros, etc.)

Jeff Luce said...

I've got great news though...We're too big to fail! Sweetness!